Toshiba notebook computer full range of product model detailed analysis

The approaching of the summer vacation has led to the continuous heating up of the consumer notebook market, and many friends have also begun to prepare for the purchase of their favorite machines. But everyone will have some questions when buying a notebook . One of the more common ones is the lack of awareness of the notebook product model.

Since manufacturers will lay out their product lines in detail according to the needs of different users, especially electronic products such as notebooks, they often see a variety of different product models on sale. To a certain extent, this affects the purchase of consumers who are not familiar with notebook products.

This series of articles will introduce to you in detail the product line planning, product models and the people for which the product models are suitable for each brand of notebooks. The process is targeted. Today’s first introduction is the Toshiba computer .

Toshiba’s product line can be said to be extremely rich, from white to black, from household to industrial, covering a very wide range, and notebooks are also the same. According to the major series, Toshiba laptops can be divided into Satellite, Satellite Pro, Qosmio, Portégé, Libretto, Toshiba NB, Toshiba AC, Toshiba Tablet PC AS and Tecra. Next we will introduce them one by one.

First of all, let’s talk about consumer entertainment products that everyone is more concerned about. The Satellite series is without a doubt the backbone of Toshiba’s consumer product line. Among them, the Satellite R800, which has the title of CEO, is an upgrade of the previous R700 series. It takes into account the two major user needs of entertainment and business office, and has a good performance in terms of body thickness, performance, and appearance mold.

Toshiba R800 Review CEO Satellite R800 Series

Satellite P700 is more inclined to mass-type consumer notebooks, with balanced configuration, 14-inch die equipped with discrete graphics card and low-key design, which is suitable for the vast majority of intermediate users.

There are three products in the Satellite L series, including the 13-inch L730 , the 14-inch L700 and the 15-inch L750 . The colorful appearance design makes this series of products more fashionable, which is very suitable for young consumers to buy as a whole. At the same time, Intel’s second-generation Core processor and discrete graphics also provide a good performance guarantee for this series of products. If consumers want to buy a cost-effective product, the Satellite L series is undoubtedly a good choice.

Can the popularity of this book continue to be brilliant? 

Toshiba L700 colorful book evaluation

Mainstream consumer backbone Satellite L700 series

The above are Toshiba’s main consumer products during the 2011 Summer Promotion. If consumers are interested, there will be other promotions and price concessions in the actual purchase process. Of course, Satellite also includes the A600 series that supports 3D technology, the thin and light E200 series and the entry-level C600 series. Users can also purchase according to their different needs and budgets.

Free genuine Win7 Toshiba C600 cheap 

Entry-level Toshiba Satellite C600 series notebook products

3D is still a big screen!  Toshiba’s new platform A660 evaluation

A600 series supporting 3D technology

The Qosmio series has always been Toshiba’s main high-end entertainment notebook products. After several generations of upgrades, the current model is X500. Equipped with Intel’s second-generation Core i7-2630 processor and Blu-ray drive , it is definitely the first choice for home video game entertainment.

18-inch screen with new platform Toshiba QosmioX500

The top choice for entertainment Qosmio X500 series.

Portégé series are more commercial notebook products, the main products include mainstream commercial R700 and portable business T230 . But in fact, for many college students who are about to graduate and enter the workplace, Portégé has obvious advantages in terms of price, and it is also a good choice.

Compared with the Portégé series

the products of the Tecra series are more orthodox in business. Whether it is a calm appearance or an excellent industrial design, they all represent the highest level of Toshiba notebook computer manufacturing. Among them, the 14-inch R800 is very suitable for successful business people to choose.

Atom processor upgrade Toshiba NB500 netbook evaluation

The NB500 netbook that is easy to carry on the go

In addition to the above-mentioned major series of main products, Toshiba’s product line also includes the portable NB500 netbook, the Linux-based Toshiba AC100, the tablet PC with touch function Toshiba Tablet PC AS, etc. Considering that it is not very mainstream, We won’t introduce it to you here.

 We hope that through the sorting out of Toshiba’s entire product line in this article, we can help you choose your favorite notebook products, and finally apply them well in work and study.

L50-AT11W1 (Snow Crystal White)

The advantages are the white mold, which is popular with girls; the sound effect is good; it has a digital keyboard area; the standard pressure i5 is equipped with a performance-level independent display, which can meet the requirements of some girls for game performance. 

The appearance is good-looking, the price is high, and the weight control is very good. The 15-inch weight is similar to the 14-inch of other brands.

The disadvantage is that the hard disk is HGST, the noise is slightly louder, the keyboard takes a while to get used to, the hard disk is hard, and in a relatively quiet environment, you can hear harsh sounds (not very loud). White is not resistant to dirt.

Toshiba is not a domestic brand. It was formed by the merger of two Japanese companies. Toshiba notebooks are the best among Japanese notebook computers. They are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have good practical performance and pass quality. 

Toshiba notebook computers have won many awards. In 1997, it was the world’s smallest notebook computer, and in 1999, it was the world’s thinnest and lightest notebook computer. In short, Toshiba notebooks have always been developing towards the world’s thinnest and lightest notebooks, and each notebook has different performance. 

When choosing, you should choose whether it is for office use or game use, so as to facilitate your own use.

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