TOP 10 BEST LAPTOPS 2022 | best laptop in 2022

do you need a powerful fast laptop with large memory capacity and good graphics stay tuned. because in this article you’re about to see the top 10 best laptops in 2022.

10: hp envy x360 

let’s start with a laptop that has great graphics especially for graphics designer games that require vivid visuals the hp envy x360 is powered by an amd ryzen 5 although it can be upgraded to windows touchscreen.

so it can be used as a tablet as its screen can rotate 360 degrees the keyboard has its own lighting and added hotkeys including microphone on off keys.

 it boasts a built-in 8 gigabyte ram and its battery is quite durable it can last 11 hours on a single charge.

the hp envy x360 is quite affordable you can get it starting at 700. with this model hp solved the problems that the previous envy had which were actually quite few and remains the undisputed king of laptops under a thousand dollars.

9: lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon

lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon 8th gen is the best machine for office work this is due to its fast memory performance that can process large amounts of information at a time so if you have to work on huge excel tables it’ll be of great help to buy it.

it has an intel core i7 processor a 14 inch screen and a storage capacity of the usual laptop touchpad and lenovo’s famous red trackpoint a touch sensor that allows you to operate the cursor plus it has excellent battery life and at just over 2.4 pounds.

 it’s lightweight compared to the vast majority of competing machines if you want to buy it it has a starting price of two thousand two hundred eighty dollars.

8: alienware x17 r2

 this is the best gaming laptop for many. it has a processor and comes with an nvidia geforce rtx 3080 graphics card. it has a two tera ssd storage system and a ram of and has 1080 pixel resolution.

many agree on its elegant design comfortable keyboard and graphic capacity that allows it to run all games even in uhd 4k but they also agree on its disadvantages the fan makes a lot of noise.

 the battery life is very short its weight of just over 6.8 pounds makes it hard to carry it around and it has a poor webcam. besides its 2 250 dollar price tag is quite high for many.

if you wanna see the best gaming laptops keep watching this article because they’ll gradually come up.

7: msi ge76 raider

 while the msi ge76 raider wasn’t created for gamers you might as well use it its powerful processor and graphics card coupled with excellent battery life make it a formidable machine.

 the screen is q led or 4k display depending on what you want to include one of its most striking details is the rgb light bar on the front edge among its disadvantages is its weight of 6.3 pounds an attribute in which the big gaming monsters don’t fare very well.

so far in addition several users report that the screen casts a dimmer light than previous models and the fingerprint scanner is oddly placed.

it’s priced at four thousand dollars very expensive so much so that i also consider it a disadvantage although i suppose the unprecedented data and graphics transfer speeds are worth it.

6: macbook air m1

 this is a superbly performing master built laptop something apple has already accustomed us to it boasts an extremely powerful 8 core apple m1 chip processor so apple can say it’s faster than 98 of windows laptops on the market it can have a 7 or specifications.

you want to include despite being an integrated graphics card several tests indicate that it can easily run games such as rise of the tomb raider as for storage it can be 256 gigabytes 512 gigabytes or one or two terabytes depending on what you choose overall.

the battery of the macbook air m1 can last for 14 hours although for specific tasks it delivers 18 hours of video playback and 15 hours of browsing the ram can be 8 or 16 gigabytes the keyboard features touch id which unlocks the mac with just your fingerprint pricing can range from 1 190 base to 2.

5: dell xps 13.

this line is one of the most versatile for its wide variety of features which depend on the specifications you choose but the product is essentially the same.

it’s an easy to carry laptop with a thin and a light design the dell xps 13 comes with an 11th gen intel processor which can be i3 i5 or i7 the almost bezel-less.

touch screen also varies in size and quality the best of all being a 3.5 k oled that grants great sharp colors and quite inky black tones the problem with this screen is that it reduces battery life ram can be up to 16 gigabytes and storage memory up to two terabytes among.

the disadvantages is the 720 pixel webcam with a grainy image it’s priced at 1 600.

4: razer blade 17

this laptop sure is good for gaming its operating system is windows 11 home and it comes with a 12th gen intel 14 core i9 complicated 3d animations are sharply displayed on the 17.3 inch screen.  ram is up to 32 gigabytes while storage is up to one terabyte.

for a gaming laptop it’s one of the most easily portable on the market as it’s only 0.78 inches thick its main disadvantage is the short battery life which is usually the achilles heel of specialized gaming devices. another disadvantage is its starting price.

3: microsoft surface laptop

For this laptop is rated as one of the best for design. it’s a much improved version of the surface laptop three heavily criticized for its lackluster speed and poor capacity to support multiple apps open at the same time.

 this was solved with new chips the surface laptop 4 comes with ryzen 5 7 4000 naseries or intel 11th gen i5 or i7 processors depending on what you choose.

ram can be up to 32 gigabytes while ssd storage up to one terabyte as for the screen there’s a 13.5 inch and a 15 inch version among its advantages are its fairly lightweight design comfortable keyboard large speakers and good battery life of up to 13 hours among.

 its disadvantages are its excessively thick display bezels and its low resolution webcam.

another disadvantage derives from its alcantara lining which can get dirty and become very uncomfortable over time though it’s initially quite comfortable for the wrists.

 it comes with windows 10 but can be upgraded to windows 11 for qfree to give you an idea it’s priced with an i5 core and 13.5 inch screen is thousand three hundred dollarsq.

2: 16-inch macbook pro

this is the most powerful laptop apple has ever made it’s great for any audio visual activity that includes encoding playing and exporting videos.

it has an apple m1 pro processor that allows it to handle very complex animation and graphic design tasks making it popular with creative professionals.

it boasts a ram of up to 64 gigabytes a storage capacity of up to eight terabytes and an eye-catching 16.2 inch led display.

apple improved one feature over previous macbook pro versions this time it included an hdmi port making it easier to connect to additional peripheral devices like drawing tablets and external monitors an sd card reader is also included which makes it easy to work with photo and video cameras.

it has a high performance battery that lasts 17 hours without charging giving you great freedom to work where no power outlets are available the base price of this powerful tool is two thousand four hundred dollars but will go up if you want the best specs.

glad you made it this far it’s time to show you the most powerful laptop of all.

number one asus rog zephyrus g15

the perfect machine for gaming graphics tasks and other fast paced activities it comes with an eight core amd ryzen 9 hs processor and an nvidia geforce rtx of ram.

and one terabyte of ssd storage it’s a device that measures over 15 inches diagonally but only weighs 4.2 pounds which is partly explained by its thinness of only 0.7inches.

the structure is worthy of admiration and is made of a magnesium aluminum alloy the hinge allows a 180 degree opening and the screen has a matte finish in addition it comes with powerful speakers.

 the sound is spectacular and the keyboard and touchpad are among the best on the market.

 the battery lasts just over 8 hours surpassing the average gaming laptop however nothing can be perfect and this great zephyrus has a big disadvantage it has no webcam so if you want a broadcast you’ll have to buy an accessory its price is about 3 200.

which of these laptops would you choose.

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