Top 5 Best hp laptop 2022 | best budget hp laptop in 2022

Today we are going to share top 5 best HP laptops with you. So let’s get started.

number five on the list is HP Pavilion14

the HP Pavilion 14 is our top pick for the best value HP laptop we’ve tested and it’s for good reason to it’s a lot more stylish than other mid-range laptops we’ve tested with a pink tinted aluminum casing.

that we also thought was well made with this styling also comes in a specially professional aesthetic whereas previous brightly colored HP laptops signaled a much cheaper look. 

the port selection here is rather good with a range of options including usba USBC HDMI out and South Dakota card reader and headphone mic combo Jack while the keyboard feels tactile with a good level of travel. 

the fact it isn’t backlit though is fiddly if you’re someone who works after dark but at least the trackpad is large and offers similarly tactile buttons to the keyboard dot when it comes to the display HP didn’t spring any surprises opting for a 14 inch hips panel with a full HD resolution in testing.

this proved to offer some good colors and levels of detail that worked well for day-to-day tasks.

number four on the list is omen 15

despite being quite a heavy and bulky device with underwhelming battery performance the HP Omen 15 still has quite a lot to offer and makes up for it with strong gaming performance excellent audio design and video quality along with a great clear anti-glare display.

the hp Omen 15 is able to cater to a multitude of needs from casual gaming to more professional competitive experts streaming various video content from the likes of Disney plus Netflix YouTube and Amazon Prime playing music on Spotify to playing AAA games to the more basic everyday tasks it is super reliable and versatile and performs well enough for productive tasks.

if large screen displays with a 144hz refresh rate or your thing and you’re after a powerful gaming laptop then the HP Omen 15 may be for you the laptop’s anti-glare display shows clear images in the most beautiful detail and its 1tb solid-state drive.

means that the HP Omen 15 allows for lots of storage space dot overall the HP Omen 15 is competent and fast enough for a multitude of everyday tasks with its 10th Generation Intel processor but when it comes to battery life performance it falls near the back of the queue.

it does how ever have a wide range of ports for a variety of uses whether it’s charging other devices or importing content from other external devices.

number three on the list is HP victus 15.

the HP victis line doesn’t get as much attention as hp’s more high-end Omen line but you really shouldn’t sleep on this laptop with up to a 12th gen Intel Core i7 Nvidia RTX 3050 T GPU 16GB RAM and 1tb vm2 storage. 

this is a highly capable gaming laptop for not a whole lot of money and while the display is aspeedy 144 Hertz it’s somewhat slow response rate of 9 milliseconds. 

doesn’t make this a particularly great laptop for experts but for the price it will still get fantastic performance for your everyday gaming on the go.

number two on the list is HP env14eb000 naw

the HP env14 is part of the new breed of productivity-focused laptops it’s not quite an Ultrabook being a little thicker and heavier than the sort of Hardware you might expect to see in that category although it successfully employs a little design trickery to make it look slimmer than it is whatever your chosen categorization.

it’s delightfully Compact and built perfectly for working hard and looking good doing it. the large 1610 screen is an absolute highlight and although it’s not perfect its touch screen is quick but we found it buggy in certain Edge case situations it offers excellent contrast with a pixel dense.

1920 x 1200 resolution that’s a real joy to work with the extra vertical height offers the nv14 plenty of chassis space on the keyboard side which makes typing and using the track but all the more comfortable the graphics a mix of Intel’s credible onboard Iris C and Nvidia Max Q GTX 1650t are powerful enough to suit just about any productivity task.

and while we’re not looking at something that’ll have happily keep up with today’s AAA games it’ll work hard at a push Intel’s mobile processors currently face hot competition against a new breed of AMD risen laptop chips.

but we had no problem with the pep of the Intel Core i7 to 1165 G7 on offer here for all its little flaws and we’re really struggling to find flaws to emphasize you understand the HP nb14 is a fantastic little laptop it’s reasonably expensive positioning itself as an executive tool rather than

a rank.

and file grafter and we’d imagine the price of this spec will put a lot of people off considering you can find comparable specs Elsewhere for less but this is hardware we’d love to have hanging around and a combination that really hits the mark.

number one on the list is HP Specter X360

the HP Specter X360 has been one of thebest laptops for years now and the 2021model is no different now coming with 11th generation Intel core processors which offer a decent performance boost and feature better integrated Intel Iris Z Graphics the HP Specter X360 2021 is better than ever.

it still features the impeccable two-in-one design and pristine gem cut chassis that these laptops are known for meaning that the HP Specter X360 2021 is one of the best looking two-in-one laptops ever made.

and when it comes to build quality.wall it’s certainly pricey you’re getting some excellent extras such as formidable security features in Bang and Olufsen speakers if you care about Aesthetics as much as you do performance and overall quality this is the laptop for you

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