Top 6 Laptops Recommended for Double Eleven (Thin and Light)

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You don’t need to read too many articles on laptop recommendations and purchases, especially when there are a lot of recommended laptop models, the more you read, the more confusing it becomes. If you need to buy a laptop directly, you can buy it from the following 6 laptops in 2022. 

The following part is a detailed introduction, including some in-depth explanations. There are also recommendations for other types of laptops at the bottom, and you can also refer to the directory jump.

The following are the 6 best-selling notebooks on Because only thin and light notebooks are recommended, 15.6-inch and 16-inch products are theoretically not recommended. 

​01. Redmi redmbook Pro14

The best screen at the price of 3000. The price of this laptop was released at 4599 at the time, but the current price has dropped directly to 3799. It is equipped with a retina screen with very good parameters and experience (similar to Apple), and other products at the same price are large. 

Some of them are relatively poor screens, and the resolution is still 1080P, which is about to be eliminated. The Xiaomi notebook processor adopts Ryzen R5 5500U + 16G memory + 512G solid state, supports Xiaomi ecology, and can be directly synchronized with Xiaomi mobile phones, which is also the current price/performance ratio. The highest 3000-speed laptop.

​02. Realme Book Enhanced Air

The thin and light notebook computer produced by realme, the body is thin and small (as light as 1.37KG, as thin as 14.9mm), the screen adopts 2K ultra-high-definition resolution, 90% screen ratio, 3:2 screen can view more content, and also Introduced a very bold color azure. The processor adopts Core i5-11320H standard pressure processor, with VC liquid cooling and 16G+512G memory solid-state combination, which can meet almost all current office and film and television needs, and at the same time, it will release CPU performance better than traditional heat pipe cooling solutions.

 , the cost is more expensive. The battery life is up to 12 hours, and it supports 30 minutes of 65WPD fast charging, and also supports mobile phone charging. In addition, the notebook supports cross-screen interconnection, supports most models of ColorOS 12 mobile phones (OPPO\Realme\OnePlus), and can quickly synchronize mobile phone operations and file transfers. 

This thin and light notebook also launched the Air version, which is lighter and cheaper with the same configuration. Both versions are generally at the price of 4,000, which is a highly recommended high-performance thin and light notebook.

03. HP Star 14 Pro

HP Star 14 Pro is a high-performance thin and light notebook under HP. It is equipped with the 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor 12700H (standard pressure). 

This product has three main competitiveness: (1) Excellent design and workmanship Exquisite body (2) You can choose independent display or integrated display configuration in configuration, and the screen can choose 2.2K or 2.8K resolution OLED eye protection screen (3) The interface of HP Star 14Pro is very powerful, including all-round Type-C, support PD fast charging and Micro SD card reader, there is also a useful AI artificial voice intelligent assistant inside the fuselage. 

No matter whether it is an office or business trip, it can be competent. It is an all-round model with a discounted price on Double Eleven. At present, it can be won at 4,999 yuan. It is very cost-effective among products of the same level. It is a high-performance thin and light notebook with both performance and appearance.

04. Honor MagicBook X 16 2022

Honor’s new appearance design, optimized product performance, excellent screen performance, passed eye protection certification, the fuselage is very quiet even at full speed, the battery life is leading in the same level, and the very easy-to-use Honor multi-screen collaboration, in addition to adding a machine clone mode The best speed in the same level as wireless high-speed transmission (70M/S). 

At the same time, the miniaturized PD charger is fully adopted, and you can directly charge the mobile phone when you go out. The practicability of the whole device is full, and the current price is also very competitive. (PS: Multi-screen collaboration supports Honor and Huawei mobile phones)Honor Laptop Brand New MagicBook X 16

05. Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro

The configuration of Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 14 2022 is very powerful. The body is equipped with Intel 12th generation Core high-performance processor, which can meet most office needs.

The Core version has also obtained EVO certification, and is equipped with a high color gamut 2.8K ultra-high Sub-resolution (2880*1800), high-brush 120Hz matte screen, full DC dimming without stroboscopic eye protection certification, which can ensure that users’ eyes get more protection during long-term office work, of course, support open The face recognition can be turned on.

and the efficiency is full, and the thin and light CNC process design of the fuselage body provides enough convenience for mobile office. The recent Double 11 is a good time period, giving Ai speakers, Jingdong Haoping care+, price 5299.

The thinner ones, Lenovo thinkbbook 14+ and 16+, are currently the laptops with the same configuration, powerful performance, comprehensive interfaces, and excellent weight control. They are also the best set of Lenovo product lines (previously Yoga). 

, The 14-inch version uses a 12500H standard pressure processor (and a 2050 all-around model), equipped with high-resolution screens, excellent color accuracy, very suitable for creation. 

The 16-inch Ryzen version uses the latest 6800H processor, which is about 1.5 hours shorter than intel’s battery life (although the battery is larger, reaching 71wh), but the nuclear display is much stronger than intel, and it is the most affordable one. Strong version. 

The 14-inch version is easier to carry, and the rest are about the same. Lenovo’s charging head is relatively large and can be replaced with gallium nitride.

6:Honor Notebook MagicBook 14 & V 14

The machine is 14 inches, about the size of A4 paper, the touch screen is compatible with the current win11, and the operation is very comfortable. 

Compared with other laptops, this version increases most of the 200W pixels on the camera to 500W, which is finally a normal use. In addition, Honor has a multi-screen collaboration function unique to the Huawei family. 

Although a few other companies have this function, Honor’s use and software development depth are still the strongest, with seamless connection and first-class response speed. 

You don’t need to bring a mouse when you go out. , Dedicated eye protection screen, lightweight body. AMD’s battery life is lower, but the core display is stronger, and the evaluation is direct:

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