Top 10 best vivo phone 2022 | vivo best phone 2022

vivo might be one of the largest smartphone brands you have never heard of that may soon change however with the company’s ongoing push into new international markets beyond its native china.

the company is already in possession of one of the largest smartphone market shares globally so it will be interesting to see how this latest expansion affects its influence.

vivo has also got a sub brand called eco which offers smartphones with the high-end specification at an affordable price.

the other vivo phones are known for their great set of cameras also offers these great camera experience at a lower cost.

and today i am going to show you top 10 amazing vivo phones that you can consider to buy in 2022.

1: vivo v23

the v23 is very similar to the v23 pro and shares most of the phone’s strengths and weaknesses it’s a little cheaper but for that you get a weaker chipset and a lower resolution rear camera.

so the 64 mb shooter here is not that bad but the quality is not good as the vivo v20 pro the design is also tweaked with the square edges that invoke the iphone rather than the curved body of the pro.

selfie camera is exactly the same at least but once again it’s good but not great buy this amazing smartphone for the strong main selfie camera premium feel and color changing design.

2: vivo v20 pro 

the best selfie shooter the vivo v20 pro is an odd follow-up to the vivo v21 instead of optical image stabilization selfie camera here you will find two non optical stabilization cameras on the phone’s front. 

the 50mp main selfie camera is great in good light but without optical stabilization it lags behind the vivo v21 at night and the lower resolution ultrawide is merely okay.

fast charging a powerful processor and a sleek color changing design are the plus points of vivo v23 pro which is a pretty well rounded phone overall but given the choice we would recommend go for the vivo v21.

3: vivo eco 7 legend 

if you can forgive the silly name the eco 7 legend is one of the vivo phones.

that will offer you the best bang for your buck. it’s not quite as powerful as more recent eco 9 pro. but with the snapdragon 8 it’s not far off and it’s cheaper that makes it a great option for gamers. 

or anyone else focused on pure performance buy this amazing smartphone for its powerful snapdragon triple h chipset 66 fat fast charging and bold design.

4: vivo v21 bash for selfies

the vivo v21 is the predecessor of the vivo v23 and vivo v20 pro they actually have some drawbacks that mean we prefer the v21.

v21 is a real winner though it’s the first phone to offer optical image stabilization on the selfie camera. which means you will get crispier selfies more stable vlogs and improved low light performance.

 it is also a beautiful slim and light phone and if you like to buy it you will get for better price compared to v23 and v20 pro.

buy this amazing smartphone for its slim

design beautiful design excellent optical sterilization selfie camera and clean software option.

5: vivo t15 best budget vivo phone

the vivo t15g is an impressive budget offering from vivo that’s available in india and china dos sadly hasn’t reached europe with a snapdragon 695 yg stupid said this is an impressively smooth phone and the performance is one of its clear strengths along with a phenomenal battery life.

it also looks the part though with lots of plastic and no waterproofing there are the limits here the main camera is strong despite lackluster secondary shooters perhaps.

the main disappointment is a lcd display which supports a smooth 120hz surface rate but has slightly washed out colors by this amazing smartphone for its nice design affordable price super performance and great battery life.

6: vivo eco 9 pro legend best for gaming

the eco 9 pro legend is the latest in the vivos gaming range though it doesn’t look like most other gaming phones with its bmw inspired racing strip.

the nine pro legend offers a snapdragon and 4700 MAH of battery with the incredible 120 watt wired charging and cameras are not the worst best but they are not bad.

the 50 mp main camera is the winner and the vivo’s excellent night mode software shines here thanks to the gimbal stabilization included to by this amazing smartphone for it fast performance 120hz display and ultra fast charging.

7: vivo x60 pro

the x60 pro is the only member of the x60 series officially launched in uk and europe but it’s good enough that we are not complaining. this is one of the thinnest and lightest flagship phone and features of flawless roasted glass finish.

and the snapdragon 870 processor is more than enough for most albert not quite

the best around the real strength other than the design is the zs branded triple camera.

a gimbal stabilization main lens ultra wide and make this one best camera phone on a lower price compared to the successors of this phone by this amazing smartphone for striking design excellent triple camera lower price than x70 series.

8: vivo v23 e5g

vivo v23 e5g mobile was launched on 23rd november 2021. it is an variant of the v23 series an amazing smartphone in a low price to its detailed specification the phone  with a beautiful 6.44 inch display with a full hd plus resolution.

It is powered by an octa-core mediatek diamond city 810 dhipset coupled with 8gb of ram and packs 4050 MAH of battery and runs android 12 software.

as far as cameras are concerned the vivo v23 5g packs triple camera setup at the back featuring 50 megapixel primary camera with an aperture of f 1.8 a second 8 megapixel camera and a third two microsoft camera. and it also features the beautiful 44 megapixel selfie camera to take amazing selfies.

The dimensions of the phone the phone is really thin measuring just around 172 grams the smartphone is in a midnight blue and sunshine gold colors.

9: vivo x70 pro best design

the x70 pro is the only slightly stripped pack alternative to the pro plus but still plenty powerful you won’t get the wireless charging or ip rating. and the display is smaller and lower in resolution it is powered by the diamond city 1200 chipset though it is a custom version for vivo.

what you will still get is the fantastic quad rear camera with the most of the same specification as the pro plus model by this amazing smartphone for its great set of cameras slim and lightweight design with a beautiful display vivo x70 pro plus overall the best vivo phone.

the x70 pro plus is a statement phone from vivo which takes everything that made.

10: ×60 pro plus

the x60 pro plus great and fixes most of its flaws. that makes it all the stranger that isn’t available in europe though it is at least on sale across asia and america.

specifications here are it is powered by snapdragon triple eight plus chipset up to 12 gb of ram and five rgb of storage a 120 hertz w quad hd plus amoled display a 55 fast charging and there are vivos first too.

the phone also comes with a wireless charging and an ip68 rating now supported for the first time in any vivo flagship phone.

buy this amazing smartphone for its dropping quiet camera system ip68 rating wireless charging and overall beautiful design.

so these are top 10 amazing vivo phones that you can consider to buy in 2022 

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