The difference between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Today we are talking about the difference between MacBook pro and Macbook air.

There is no doubt that Apple’s MacBook laptops have proven themselves and have earned their place as one of the best laptops in the world. 

If you are about to buy a new laptop for yourself and are thinking of buying a MacBook, which is a very correct and appropriate decision by the way, you will be faced with a very important question, which type of MacBook are you going to buy, Air or Pro?

Although this decision may seem a little expensive only compared to the prices of other regular computers, but it is certainly in order. 

MacBook computers are worth every penny paid because they are smart and have very high durability, and the quality of their manufacture is unmatched by any other computer, which means that they have a longer life from any other laptop.

In this article we will list the most important differences between the Pro and Air models to make it easier for all users to make the decision and make the purchase. 

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But only at the beginning and before we do the narration, buyers have to answer some questions until they really decide what they want. 

Are you looking for an economical device at an affordable price? What is the amount they set to buy the product? Do they prefer heavy or light devices? These are some of the questions that need to be answered first.

Weight and Dimensions 

The MacBook Air is one of the lightest portable devices, but the MacBook Pro has gone through a very meticulous update and modification process to reduce its weight and width. Indeed, his weight has decreased a lot recently, so the difference between them is very small.

MacBook Air weighs about 1.35 kg and is 1.7 cm wide. Surprisingly, the MacBook Pro also weighs only 1.37 kg and is 1.49 cm wide, which means that it is thinner than the Air. The basic body dimensions of the Pro device are 30.41 cm by 21.24, while the dimensions of the Air are 32.5 cm by 22.7 cm


In contrast to the close difference in weight and dimensions, there is a significant difference in price between the Pro and MacBook Air models. The MacBook Air computer is cheaper than the Pro, the model available with 128 GB memory is priced at $ 999, while the one with 256 GB is priced at $1,199. The highest price for MacBook Air is $1,549 for the fully-equipped version that comes with a powerful internal drive and 512GB of memory.

As for the MacBook Pro , the cheapest version of it costs $1,299, which is $200 less than the most expensive version of the Air. The mid-range version costs $1,499, while the fully updated version costs $2,549.

The computer can also be more expensive with the addition of the touch bar feature, as its price starts from 1,799 dollars, while the price of the highest version is 2,899 dollars.

the battery

The MacBook Air battery is stronger than the Pro, as it has a longer life and works for a longer period. According to Apple, the MacBook Air can perform heavy tasks such as graphic design or play movies without a connection to the electric charger for 12 hours continuously, while the MacBook Pro will do them without a connection for only 10 hours.

the screen

Both computers offer a 13-inch display, but each screen differs in terms of visual quality. The display quality of MacBook Air is lower than that of the Pro. The quality of vision in the Air screen is 1440 by 990, while in the Pro computer it is 2560 by 1600. The difference in screen quality is very noticeable to the viewer’s eye, both computers have LED backlighting, but the Pro device adds IPS technology to this lighting. IPS technology means a wide viewing angle, richer colors and a more accurate color correction system from light reflection.

The ratio between the length and width of the screen of the MacBook Pro and Air is 16:10, which is an excellent ratio compared to other devices.


If you are already a fan of games or a user of graphic design applications, then you should definitely choose a Pro device instead of a MacBook Air.

The Pro device uses a modern technology designed by Intel, the Intel Iris Plus 640 and Iris Plus 650 for the model with touchpad. On the contrary, the Air device is equipped with a relatively old graphics card, which is HD Graphics 6000.

Storage space

When we talk about storage space, there is not much difference between the two devices. The MacBook is available in multiple sizes, 128, 256, and 512 GB. While the MacBook Pro is available in the same spaces, in addition to the possibility of increasing the space to 1 TB.


What is actuall difference between air and MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Air 2, Apple’s latest device, has a faster chip, but its real appeal lies in its larger, brighter screen and improved webcam.

What is the difference between Apple laptop and others?

If you compare it to the MacBook Air, you will find it is smaller, as it is only 11 inches in size, but it is a little heavier in terms of weight, at 1,088 grams. As for the MacBook Pro 13, it weighs 1.587 grams, which means it is heavier in weight by approximately 453 grams, and it is also larger in terms of dimensions as well.

How do you choose a Mac?

The easiest tool is About This Mac, available by choosing About This Mac from the Apple menu  in the upper-right corner of the screen. The other tool is the System Information app. 

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