The Best Laptop Configurations for SEO Freelancers


How to choose a laptop for efficient and comfortable freelance work? Which PC configuration is best for SEO? Which laptop features are essential and which are just a marketing ploy? In this article, you’ll find answers to your questions about choosing the best device for working on the internet, taking into account the specifics of SEO freelancers. Choosing the right laptop or computer will become easier thanks to these tips. Finally, you’ll discover those important characteristics that ultimately affect productivity.

What is the starting point for choosing a PC?

First, you have to understand that PC configurations vary widely when it comes to working tasks. 

So ignore the stories of sellers and manufacturers complimenting their wares. Instead, choose your laptop based on your requirements and purpose. Your budget PC might be able to handle them, and it doesn’t make sense to overpay for heavy-duty features.

At the same time, if your job requires certain functions and tasks that involve complex programs, it makes sense to pay more for a more powerful computer to manage the programs related to your work. 

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What equipment is best for SEO

Young SEO freelancers often make the mistake of buying an expensive computer with state-of-the-art hardware. But generally, for SEO needs, all you need from a laptop is performance and a screen so your eyes don’t get tired. So, going a step further, you’ll learn which PC and laptop assembly parts help you get the equipment you need.

Talking about desktop computers

Speaking of Desktop Computer

Off-the-shelf desktop computer components and a monitor are often expensive. An exciting option for off-the-shelf solutions is the system unit. But it’s easier to assemble a computer by parts and get the computer you want. In this case, where to start?

Choose a motherboard that supports the Comet Lake, Coffee Lake architecture LGA 1200 or 1151 socket. Note the ATX format. Using a scaled-down microATX or a similar type of motherboard is not a good idea. The motherboard must have four memory slots so you can always add memory if you run out of memory.

Therefore, the iCore 5 or more 7 model processors should use the Comet Lake, Coffee Lake microarchitecture. Also, these are optimized and high-performance processors. In the end, a clock speed of 2.4 GHz for the stone would be optimal. Talking about the characteristics of RAM, they are as follows.

Interface – DDR 4;

RAM – 8 or 16GB.

A clock frequency of 2666 MHz or higher. If your motherboard supports dual-channel memory, it would be better to buy two 8GB slots. You can increase performance by splitting the work processor between the two boards.

The SSD on which Windows is installed is an SSD with 240GB of memory. Also, buy a 1TB or larger external or internal hard drive, depending on how much you want to store. Finally, grab a simple graphics card that fits your motherboard. Many SEO experts use graphics integrated into the processor and are not affected. Also, don’t forget to get a cooler for the CPU, and a power supply with a case.

Speaking of laptops

Mac lovers can skip this point and go straight to the next topic. We agree Mac laptop screens are great and very convenient. And it has its own place. However, based on our experience, we recommend selecting equipment based on the following characteristics.

✔️Intel Core i7/i5 8th generation processor, frequency 2.3 to 3.5GHz. These processors are designed for high performance and low heat.

✔️ DDR 4 RAM – 8 or 16GB. It is advisable to buy a laptop with large memory or at least extra slots for future expansion. RAM depends on how many apps can run on your device without being frozen.

✔️ The SSD drive is 1TB, allowing you to open applications and run the OS in 3 seconds due to its high performance.

✔️ GeForce graphics card with 2GB or 4GB RAM.

Therefore, the above-mentioned features are sufficient to work with technical analysis programs for websites, FTP clients, and other applications. The caveat is that it’s better to buy a laptop with a matte IPS matrix display. In this case, your eyes won’t get tired from constantly checking information. On this basis, you can focus on the following models of laptops.

Lenovo Ideapad 330 Laptop


Lenovo Yoga 7 14ITL5

However, if your PC and Mac are having trouble installing SEO software or other issues, check out the Howly website. What is it and why should you use it? So, this is an online service where you can get high-quality consultations on computer problems and solutions without taking too much time. The best experts can solve all your computer problems at all times, 24/7. It is not good?

What else should you consider?

And this paragraph tells a lot about the benefits of a Mac. And first, SEO experts working from home should focus more on the quality of the screen than its diagonal. For example, if you put a 13-inch Mac and a 15.6-inch Windows laptop on the same table, the 13-inch Mac will have much better image quality than a 15.6-inch Lenovo Windows laptop.

Poor image quality can lead to poor vision later on. So we don’t think you need it. With a 15-17 inch laptop, you won’t feel comfortable on long trips. And here, the 13-inch laptop wins at the expense of size and weight. As for eye health, be sure to choose a high-quality screen, not a diagonal one.

Another essential feature is battery life. If you often need to take your laptop somewhere, keeping it charged for as long as possible is critical. And this task is best done by a Mac computer. You won’t find many alternatives to Macs. The Mac on the m1 is especially good in this regard, it can work up to 14-15 hours without charging. In other words, that’s two full working days.

Macs, on the other hand, are also pretty much the most powerful laptops out there, beating all Intel processors. Other Windows laptops have a charge time of 4-5 hours, but their actual runtime is only 2-3 hours. Therefore, the choice is yours, and here you should start with the specificity of your work schedule.

The answer to whether you need a _disk drive_ in a laptop is as follows: If you watch CDs or use them at work, you can buy a separate disk drive. Finally, let’s talk about the number of ports. Just depends on how often and how much you use them. By the way, you can expand the number of ports with the help of a USB hub. Therefore, it is very convenient for those who need more ports.

Graphic Matters

If you like to play graphics games or work (why not), then you need to consider such a feature of the graphics card. It can have 2 kinds: integrated and discrete graphics. If you play, draw, or make videos, you’ll need an extra graphics chip. Nothing else is particularly important, it’s up to you to decide how much hard drive you need in your SEO efforts and whether you plan to store megabytes of downloadable movies.

RAM Matters

Regarding the amount of RAM with an SSD and an i3 or higher processor, if you don’t do graphics or video editing, 8GB is more than enough. However, if you want a faster computer and the price isn’t too different, you can opt for a model with more RAM — 16, 32GB.

Plus, it helps your laptop survive longer as Windows and other programs get updated and those updates load the PC. So if you’re a freelancer doing simple everyday tasks like surfing the web, collecting social media stats, using SEO software, or writing articles, then laptop memory isn’t super important.


After reading this article, you can conclude that a freelance SEO expert does not need a super-powerful computer built on the latest technology. Instead, you should pay attention to the configuration of your PC that allows you to install software and use the tools you need to perform your day-to-day SEO tasks.

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