Review of Acer swift3 thin and light notebook | is Acer swift3 any good

Recently, this fairy bought a thin and light notebook with super high value, and I must show it off to everyone~Thin and light notebooks that make people feel excited—Acer Acer Hummingbird swift3 thin and light notebook evaluation 

reason to buy

The laptop I used before was too bulky, and exuded an old-fashioned and serious straight man style. Every time I carried the computer out, it was like carrying a bag of dynamite, and my tired arms were sore after get off work, so it was really imminent to change the computer. 

About half a month ago, I roughly planned the needs for the new computer: first, the appearance must be good-looking, because as a little fairy, and I am also a beauty controler, simplicity, fashion, and business are my main choices; I often have to meet clients, so the books must be thinner and more portable. 

Finally, there is the aspect of configuration, because I still occasionally play games and watch dramas when I am free, so the performance must keep up, and the screen should preferably have a narrow border~ According to these requirements, the cost performance and various factors are comprehensively considered. , 

Finally, I chose the Acer swift3 thin and light notebook. This notebook has four colors: silver, blue, gold, and pink. I bought the fairy pink version~ 

Appearance Gallery

I am in a great mood. The thin and light notebook I have been thinking about has finally arrived. I would like to praise the courier brother. After receiving the goods and inspecting them, they are in good condition.

After unpacking, the protective measures of the packaging are well done, and I feel that there is no problem with the bumps of the computer during transportation.

After unpacking, you can see that there is a layer of cloth film between the keyboard and the screen, which is super intimate, whether it is wood or not.

The overall design of Acer Swift3 has both the simplicity of business style and the fashion of light luxury. The thickness of the fuselage is 18.7mm, and the weight is 1.45kg. It is really light and thin among notebooks with a similar price~

The computer body is made of aluminum alloy metal, with metal wire drawing and diamond cutting process on the edge. The appearance is simple and simple, in line with business temperament, but it is not serious. The pink color is also light and playful, which perfectly shows the overall fashion business style.

Side A:

In line with Acer’s consistent design style, a silver-white brand logo is added in the center of the fuselage.

Side B:

The screen borders on both sides are really very narrow, only 6.3mm, and the screen is big enough, using a 14-inch FHD (1920*1080) high-definition display. Under such screen size conditions, when used for daily business work, relatively more work content will be displayed, and the needs of casual games will be met, and the visual effect of the game will not be lost because the screen is too small.

Side C:

The keyboard is designed to be backlit. The power button is on the upper right corner of the keyboard, and the fingerprint recognition area is on the right side of the touchpad . The recognition efficiency is quite good. When I first started using it, I was not used to it because it was the first time I used a computer with fingerprint recognition, but fingerprint recognition has really greatly improved the security of the computer and can better protect my privacy.

Side D:

The shape of the back is relatively simple. Apart from the larger air intake, the openings are the sound outlets of the sound units on the left and right sides below. The three edges are designed with arcs, and the overall feeling is very soft, not rigid.

The computer supports 180-degree flat laying, which can better display data charts and other work information to the other party during work.

The number and layout of the ports of this Acer swift3 notebook are also very simple, distributed at the rear end of both sides of the notebook, there are 2 USB3.0, 1 USB3.1, 1 USB2.0, 1 HDMI port, SD card reader port, two-in-one headphone and microphone port, security lock slot, and charging port.

The first time I booted up, the big Acer icon was displayed at the beginning.

The next step is to load the page, just follow the prompts to complete the registration operation.

The following is an interception of some conversations between Xiaona and me, a little shy~

experience feelings

I can’t wait to see the display effect of the screen when I turn on the computer! Because it uses a 14-inch resolution 1920×1080 IPS full HD mirror widescreen, first of all, the screen clarity is very surprising.

The video viewing effect is still very good. Sure enough, the design of the screen is very comfortable to watch the video, and the display is very clear. After being fully charged, it has been used normally for more than 8 hours at work, and the battery life is quite good at the same price. 

And there is also a “shutdown charging” function. After the computer is turned off, the USB interface can still charge the mobile phone, which is comparable to a mobile gas station. This has surprised me for a long time~

As a chicken-eating girl, buying a laptop will definitely take into account certain game needs~ Playing with an emulator will stimulate the battlefield. 

There is no lagging problem during the game, and the color display is very high. In terms of core configuration, Acer has adopted the latest eighth-generation standard-voltage processor. 

Compared with the effect of low-voltage processors, the performance has been significantly improved, and there is 8GB DDR4 memory.

In addition, I have to say that the eyes are not as tired as before after working all day, because this notebook uses Acer’s unique blue light shield technology, which can adjust the color tone and brightness of the screen through settings to reduce the stimulation of the screen light source to the eyes. , reduce eye fatigue, and has obtained national standard certification, no longer afraid of playing games and watching videos to hurt your eyes!

Of course, Master Lu’s running score data is also indispensable~ 150,000 running points exceeded expectations. Although it can’t be compared with the game , it’s enough for me~

Due to the short time of use, the experience of many things is not deep enough. Judging from the current experience, the product positioning is very clear. Competent for the needs of casual games. Overall, I am very satisfied with the current experience~Thin and light notebooks that make people feel excited—Acer Acer Hummingbird swift3 thin and light notebook evaluation 

Summarize advantage:

Thin, light and compact, excellent appearance, strong portability

High safety performance

Can play lightly

Better battery life

High cost performance (8th generation cpu, M×150 standard pressure full blood version only display)


Books have some fingerprints

The power supply will get hot when charging for a long time

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