Infinix Note 12 Review | review of note 12 g88 variant

the infinix note12 is the only smartphone from the brand released a few weeks back in three variants.

we have the g88 processor the vip variant and the g96 cpu three of the smartphones are similar in lux and the major difference being in the cpu.

g88 variant

I have the g88 variant here but then let’s see if the smartphone that comes with four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage is actually a worthy upgrade from the infinix note 11 from last year and for 115 000 error around 199 dollar.

spoiler there are some compromises here and so without taking much of your time yo guys let’s get started.

the first thing you see when you open the box is the phone itself next you get to see the sim ejector tool an instructional manual.

the service warranty card a tpu case in this beautiful black color a 33 watt charger and a usb type a to c cable and that’s about what you get from within the box for the smartphone.

the note 12 has a shiny frosted and glossy design at the rear although it is looking premium here it actually does feel like a wide phone.

especially when you throw this beautiful looking black case on top of the smartphone it has a square sided frame that steps inwards to the front and the rear sections.

this frame and other parts of the smartphone are actually made out of plastic but you know it feels premium.

now you can get the infinix note 12 in about three colors the dual blue the force black and the sunset golden color which i have here on the back of the smartphone you get to see the camera modules.

taking out a little bit and two other lenses underneath the main sensor the phone is relatively light and easy to handle as you can see and measures about eight millimeters in thickness.

I think the set is 7.9 millimeters so roughly eight millimeters moving over to the i o section we definitely still have the audio jack the mouthpiece opening and the down firing speaker.

that complements the other speaker at the top for the dual sounding audio the left side houses the dual sim tray with a micro sd card slot while the right side gives you the volume rocker and the power button.

of course it is also the fingerprint scanner something we’re now used to at this point with smartphones one thing you do not get here is a certified ip rating or gorilla glass protection for the screen on this device so design wise this is a nice looking and premium feeling smartphone.

 let’s get back to the speakers you get a stereo speaker here and they sound surprisingly good there’s a decent amount of volume available and the tonal response is almost balanced it isn’t the most bass heavy smartphone.

you have out there but you know it’s pretty okay now to the display on the infinix note 12 it comes with a very large screen just as you’d expect from the note series it is a 6.7 inch screen perfect for streaming videos and playing games.

with this device you get an amoled screen with a full hd plus resolution which also offers good contrast punchy colors and good brightness level this smartphone is quite bright for outdoor use.

which is a welcome development and something we have always noticed this brand to do with those prices out of the way there’s yet one thing i know you haven’t heard me mention here and that’s the refresh rate on this display.

unfortunately this amoled panel is stuck at 60 hertz in terms of the refresh rate 60 hairs in itself isn’t bad but you know when you come from a 90 hours refresh rates display you definitely tend to see the difference i want to go back to that fast refresh rate at least that’s what’s happening to me right now.

but guys let me know would you prefer an amoled display at 60 hertz of course that saves a lot of battery life here or an lcd display with 90 hertz which will drain more battery life on your smartphone was it the other way around for you.

this very infinix note 12 with the helio g88 processor can be compared to devices with the snapdragon 680 chipset say the galaxy a23 by the way let me know if you want to see a comparison between this smartphone and that very one it has a base memory configuration of 4 gigs of ram.

which goes up to 6 gigs using virtual ram expansion feature if you get the 6g variant you’ll definitely be able to expand your ram to 11 gigs using the same memory fusion feature on the storage side of things.

you get 128 gigs of internal storage that can be expanded using the micro sd card slot also in my test so far i realized that the performance is decent at most while it does a good job at gaming.

there are competitive options out there now there’s quite a few occasional observable stuttering that occurs when opening apps on the smartphone and so things around the animations and the os in general i wouldn’t say this stuttering is really bad as it occurs.

when you have a lot of applications running in the background one other thing you could enhance the experience with the os with a feature that makes the os seem faster by turning on ultra touch in the display settings this tends to make the swipe speed motion.

kind of feel fast when you use the smartphone xos 10.6 ui is what you get on the infinix note 12 on top of google’s android 11 operating system the interface is largely customizable with a lot of embedded features.

and the only not so great thing about this ui is the sheer amount of bloatware apps you find in the application drawer from duplicate apps such as the high browser to boom play i could count about 20 blower apps in the app drawer from the smartphone.

now as far as updates into the future i have the word on that and can only hope for a major os update in the future i mean this is a huge blow that the smartphone ships with android 11 and we don’t know if it’s gonna get android 12.

that’s going to be a disappointing feature on the smartphone though the note 12 has a triple camera setup the main camera sensor which is a 50 megapixel lens it is accompanied by a 2 megapixel depth sensor plus a qvga lens that’s it for the sensors here but guys why qvga why no telephoto or ultra wide lens.

I mean that would have been better anyways the main camera is perfectly capable of producing shots with good levels of detail correct exposure and for the most part accurate colors there’s good amount of noise present which is totally expected when in low light conditions.

however the thing is you need to always have this good lighting to get the best out of the sensor and processing the 16 megapixel selfie camera which comes in this u-shaped notch actually does look dated for today’s standards.

but that’s actually besides the point the camera also takes decent photos and offers good details and color on closed inspection that’s when you crop into the photos they are definitely soft photos you get with the front-facing camera.

The video quality on the note 12 is capped at 2k and 30 fps but out of the box it shoots at 1080p so you can have this ability to turn on the ultra steady mode for stabilized shots but if you want the best video quality on the smartphone with the trade of bin stabilization you definitely have to max out the resolution at 2k.

meanwhile let me know your thoughts about the video quality here i

personally don’t think it’s one of the strong points on this device this smartphone has a very good battery life thanks to the huge 5000mah battery capacity and while using the smartphone it displays strong longevity with relatively light usage.

the note 12 g88 can comfortably last you two days you know with the refresh rate and the amoled display they largely contribute to that fit it comes with a fast charging capacity that’s 3 watts which is very decent for this price range and you can get this device from 0 to 50 in about 30 minutes.

the cheapest model of the note 12 comes in at 115 000 era which is roughly 199 dollars and that’s for the four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage so generally this is a pretty solid device for the price you get a large enticing amoled display good battery life pretty good gaming experience.

and the only downside here would be the fact that you do not get the best camera there is for around this price range and also that 60 has refresh rates so is this something you want to check or would you rather check out a competitor for around the same price point kuirati

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