How do you know the model of the motherboard | how can we find the model of motherboard

Every year, computer developers release more and more improved parts for computers and update drivers for system hardware.

Many users would like to upgrade their current system. First of all, you need to know the characteristics of your personal computer.

Before replacing the main elements of technical equipment, and installing drivers, you need to find out what type of device is available, and what data will become crucial in the process of updating the hardware configuration. How to find out the motherboard on a computer with Windows 7 installed.

In conclusion, the most important thing is to know which laptop is suitable for your aesthetic needs and settings. Leave a comment in this article with text attachments. Computers have converged since school age, and this has also become my main business over the years. Author of articles and reviews about blog posts on the site and in some other places. Before installing any of the software listed below, we recommend that you read the manufacturer’s license agreement carefully.

Processors and microprocessors – two interesting articles on Wikipedia about the development of processors and the emergence of microprocessors in the 1970s, which allowed the creation of a personal computer … performance testing. Sandra also has a more limited free version, but it will also be useful to you. Its advantage over Sandra is that it was translated into Bulgarian. If your computer was purchased earlier than the latest version, the software will have information about its components.

The motherboard (MP) is a multi-layer printed circuit board, which is the basis of the computer chassis. The “brain” of the computer is associated with it – a processor and random access memory.

Sometimes there is a built-in video converter. You can expand the capabilities of the components thanks to the pre-installed slots. The rest of the computing system elements are connected to these connectors.

Check the temperature of the processor. Read the guide to find out how to do this. You will find an electronic version of the manuals on the motherboard manufacturer’s website … From setting the administrator password to the actual locking system, everything will be useful.

It’s frustrating to think about how easy it is to carry laptops. This time we will look at different ways to protect your laptop from theft and those unwanted people sneaking through your files. You will also learn how to bypass these security measures if the need arises. Let’s take a look at some of the terms we will be discussing and what they mean.

This device ensures the interaction of the elements and controls their work in general.

Today, five of the most famous manufacturers of MP are distinguished, information about them is part of the label:





The processor is located on the main board. It can be produced by AMD and Intel. Each of them developed individual connectors for MP, which makes it impossible to install a competing processor on it.

Visually identify the motherboard model and manufacturer

This is the first thing the computer does after turning it on. Operating system passwords … This is the only security measure that is mandatory. If you keep your laptop at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you don’t need extra precautions, at least take the time to do so.

Step 2 – Try to lock your computer every time you get up. Step 3 – Make sure you don’t tell anyone your password. Step 4 – Change all administrator passwords from time to time. It’s okay to do this every six months if you’re not paranoid.

It is not difficult if the documentation is available, a disc with drivers was received when purchasing the device. Manufacturers, taking care of consumers, indicate the model, for which they specify, and provide instructions for the use of accessories.

Some of them are in graphic form. However, it may turn out that the document or disk is not at hand, they are lost.

Unfortunately, these passwords are considered the least secure when it comes to physical security. Password passwords are somewhat more secure, simply because a limited number of people know how to work with them. Some computers do not display instructions on the screen or contain a passkey.

See the suggested list for creating an administrator password. Once there, tap on this option and enter your password twice to confirm. These passwords are more difficult to remove and are generally reliable in protecting against unauthorized access to your laptop.

There are several ways to do this:

eye examination

When opening the system unit, there is a direct opportunity to check the board. Contains form tags. Some manufacturers place the label next to the processor, above the PCI-E slot.

This will unlock your stolen laptop hijackers – while they are ‘tagged’. This step is technical at least. Most department stores have many physical locks available. Many modern models have a safety hatch, which is located in another place depending on the choice of the manufacturer.

If the worst happens and your computer is stolen, this is your last line of defense. There are many programs designed to track your laptop in case it is stolen. Once you master these steps, you will greatly increase your laptop’s theft protection from data leakage.

There is a downside to this business. Most new system units are protected by a seal, which voids the warranty if broken. If the system unit is not airtight, then with a screwdriver you can remove the case cover in a few minutes and see which components you are using.

Here there is a risk of misinterpreting the signs, since there may be several of them on the surface of the board. More details about the motherboard can be found on the Internet, after reading the brand of the device, by selecting the appropriate search.

First, you need to know exactly what the bottom of the computer is. They provide electricity to all parts of the machine, while at the same time providing communication between the various components. In short, the bottom connects the modules to the computer.

This part of the computer has come a long way over the past two decades. Now, this may seem ridiculous to you, but then it was no joke that consumers had to connect various components, for example, a stirring disk. Floppy disks … However, modern bottoms have a wide range of built-in features and capabilities that directly affect the performance of the computer, with great potential for future updates.

To download the drivers, you need to go to the official website of the manufacturer and select the type of peripheral device you are interested in, by downloading the suggested installers.

Read information using BIOS

This is a more complex method of determination. At boot time, by periodically pressing the Delete key, you can enter the BIOS shell. Most manufacturers display a message about installed hardware as the first tab.

We have already mentioned that the bottom is like an electronic highway through which individual computer components interact and work synchronously. This is not an easy task. The inferior signal sends signals, but they must be delivered correctly to the correct recipient. To keep everything in sync, there are two processors at the bottom of the computer that controls everything that goes on the bus: they are called “Northbridge” and “southbridge”. To better understand their role, you can see them as guards – nothing goes through them without their understanding and permission.

After you know the information you need, press F10 and Ok to restart the system and start Windows 7. Complete information about the “slips” of technical equipment after booting the BIOS before loading the system itself.

The show duration is 2-3 seconds. You won’t be able to read it the first time. You will have to restart several times.

Northbridge is responsible for managing the data available to the CPU, RAM, and video card. The south bridge is responsible for transmitting data to everything else. The two slides work together to make sure everything goes in the right direction and at the right time. When you click on the program icon to open it, a pulse is sent from below. This is a “cache” because once the system shuts down, all this information is released and deleted. The bottom then sends a command to the graphics card to calculate what is needed for the visual, and then the video sends the information back to the bottom, sending it to the screen.

Use special programs to read and display the necessary information

It is used when the first methods did not help determine the brand of MP. In this case, you can use the capabilities of the system. Standard method – use the Microsoft tool.

All this happens so fast that information that begins with a mouse click to get to the screen image moves in a nanosecond. The physical size and design of the motherboard are called the “form factor”. The sock is the most important thing when considering a processor replacement. Therefore, when purchasing a bottom, it is recommended that it has a newer generation processor socket to support at least some processor models after yours.

The range of laptops that you can find with us is especially distinguished by its video card, which is among the top three portable video adapters. As with RAM, the video card is identical to the video card. Since the models have similar parameters, we will compare them with their counterparts from other leading brands in the market.

To do this, go to “Start”, select the “Run” menu item (the R + Win hotkeys are used), enter the msinfo32 command, and press the Enter button. Computer properties can be viewed in the window that opens.

using the command line.

The method is similar to that described in the third paragraph. However, here the msinfo32 command is replaced by cmd. Windows 7 console emulation will start (window with black background). Using the keyboard, enter the wmic baseboard get the product command, and press Enter. Thus, you will get the desired properties.

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