what are the internal and external components of laptop

What are the different components of laptop

Laptop Components  Every person who wants a laptop computer must have thought carefully about the technical specifications of the computer components, because those specifications are what determine the level of computational efficiency, and the following are the most important components of the laptop:  Healer  The central processing unit is the component responsible for the device, … Read more

How do you know the model of the motherboard | how can we find the model of motherboard

How do you know the model of the motherboard

Every year, computer developers release more and more improved parts for computers and update drivers for system hardware. Many users would like to upgrade their current system. First of all, you need to know the characteristics of your personal computer. Before replacing the main elements of technical equipment, and installing drivers, you need to find … Read more

How to take care of your laptop

How to take care of your laptop

Today we will teaches you how to maintain your laptop in order to keep it running fast and error-free Step 1 Prevent accidents before they happen. Protecting your laptop is usually a matter of caution. You can avoid the majority of common risks by doing the following: Keep drinks and foods farfar from your laptop. … Read more

How to increase the life of the laptop battery | why your laptop losing battery so fast

How to increase the life of the laptop battery

Increasing the keyboard lighting and backlighting in the laptop accelerates the laptop battery drain. Uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speeds up the battery drain quickly. Connecting any additional devices to the laptop such as a cooling pad, an external mouse, or any device connected to USB increases the battery’s power consumption. The life of a laptop … Read more